1. According the film Taboo Blood Bonds, which of the following statements about polyandry in

1. According the film Taboo Blood Bonds, which of the following statements about polyandry in Tibet is not true ?
A.The men help take care of the children.
B.It keeps the birth rate down.
C. Women work very hard in these societies.
D. It prevents starvation in areas where resources are scarce.
E.People know exactly which husband is the biological father of each child.

2. The article “Arranging a Marriage in India” illustrates which of the following?
A. None of these choices.
B. Family connections and reputation do not matter when choosing a marriage partner .
C. Finding a marriage partner takes time and careful investigation .
D. The divorce rate is high in India .
E. Young men and women have an active social life with members of the opposite sex.

3. According to the film Taboo Marks of Identity , women of the Paduang Tribe in northern Thailand wear brass braces on their teeth as a symbol of their identity .
A. True
B. False

4. According to “The Berdache Tradition,” a berdache typically carries a negative stigma within the culture.
A. True

5. The Holocaust is one example of
A. Genocide
B. Forced assimilation
C. Hypodescent
D. Ethnocide
E. Cultural colonialism

6. According to the article “Indigenous Identity,” the author notes that indigenous cultural identity
A. has been taught appropriately in the U.S. educational system.
B. is the same whether you are on or off the reservation.
C. is fixed and unchangeable .
D. is complex and multilayered.

7. According to “We Are Going Underwater” what did the research show as a result of climate change in Siberia?
A. Fewer birds and animals
B. Late seasons
C. Increased flooding
D. Cold summers
E.All of the these choices

8. Deforestation is more likely to occur in a food producing society than a foraging culture.
A. True
B. False

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