1. Discussion Read: Chapter 4 (Organizational Learning Theories and Technology)(Information

1. Discussion 

Read: Chapter 4 (Organizational Learning Theories and Technology)(Information Technology and Organizational Learning)

This week we focus on the social and organizational issues that exist with a better understanding of why changes occur. Beginning on page 96 of the Information Technology and Organizational Learning text, the author presents three phases of maturation with technology. A summary table of these phases appears on page 99. Using what you understand from these phases, consider what phase your current (or previous) organization may currently be in and what challenges they are facing in moving to the next phase.

Your response should be 250-300 words.

2. Article Review

Read: Chapters 7 and 8, Interaction Design 5th Edition

Big Data has undoubtedly played a role in the way business is conducted. For many industries, when a product is created, especially a Website, mobile application, or enterprise system, there is a desire to understand how data is presented in the environment. Data has in fact become a usability measurement whether it is under the scope of information, system, or service quality. For this assignment, you’ll find ONE SCHOLARLY ARTICLE that discusses data in the context of a usability evaluation. Your article should review data from the perspective of an industry vertical (i.e., healthcare, education, supply chain, etc.).

You’ll submit a 3-page synopsis of the article that answers the following questions: 

Article Title
Article Subject Area
Type of Data Set Used/Evaluated
Synopsis of Article
Three business takeaways on how data impacts the industry in respect to usability
Source Citation

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