1. Suppose I manage the customer service/satisfaction department…

1. Suppose I manage the customer service/satisfaction department for my company. After
analyzing the data I have determined the relationship between the number of customer
service representatives (L) we have and the customer satisfaction rating (R), which is
provided below:
R = 50 + 6L – .6L2
a. (3 points) Graph this function. What is the intercept and slope of
this equation, and provide interpretations of both these within the
context of this problem.
b. (2 points) Does this functional form seem reasonable? Explain.
c. (3 points) What level of representatives (L) would maximize the
customer satisfaction rating (R)? What is the value of that maximum
rating? Show all your work and explain the economics behind the
2. (2 points) What is a relationship between two variables in your
professional or personal life that you would like to be able to
estimate? What are the two variables, how are they measured, and
do you believe the relationship is linear or non-linear (explain why)?
Lastly, what is your motivation for gathering this specific

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