1. The dental hygienist was going to do a fissure sealant on # 36…

1. The dental hygienist was going to do a fissure sealant on # 36 Occl but noticed that the explorer is sticking in the grooves. The hygienist asked the dentist to observe the area and said, ” it is a cavity and a filling is needed.” Which Blacks Classification is this?
2. Sara is 18 yrs old and has severe periodontal disease. The dentist prescribes a antibiotic prescription…. Which antibiotic is the dentist giving her?
3. There is a 8unit bridge from #14 – #24 ….. Which teeth are the abutments?
4. The dentist is recommending the patient to have a gingivae graft done on #41 due to 5mm Facial recession. Which specialist should be recommended for the referral?
5. Which fixed appliance resembles a class II restoration?
6. What type of impression is used for sports guards, whitening trays, study models and nightguards? Preliminary or elastomeric?
7. When the client displays symptoms of lingering pain, the pulp is incapable of healing, and the clinical findings show that RCT or extraction are the only treatment option….What does this statement mean? Irreversible pulpitis,, Reversible pulpitis, or Periodontal abscess?
8. When the tooth responds positive to cold and thermal test …What is the tooth classified as? Vital, non-vital or necrosis?
9. #14 and #15 are missing, #13 and #16 are abutments , how many units of teeth are involved with this bridge?
10. When a primary tooth had the pulp removed from the coronal portion of the tooth …. What type of Crown would the dentist place to protect the tooth?
11. What material is used for cleaning the prepped tooth & to open the dentinal tubules?
12. When a preliminary impression is taken it is called a negative impression. When the impression is poured up in stone it is called a positive impression. True or false?
13. After RCT has been completed and heals… What will the dentist recommend to make the tooth stronger for mastication?
14. Sodium Hypochlorite, known as household bleach is diluted with sterile water and used for irrigating the canals in the RCT procedure. True or false?
15. We have a bridge from #13-#23 . #13 and #23 are the abutments ….Which teeth are the pontics?
16. Elastomeric impression material is a more specific material . What type of procedures is this impression material used for?
17. Ted arrives to the dental office for a emergency visit. The patient has fractured #12 #11 down to the cervical third of the coronal surface. The dentist is recommending PFM crowns but explains to the patient that he can’t get a good fit for the crown unless another procedure priior is done. What is the procedure of choice? Chlorexidine Chip, Chlorexidine Chip or Crown lengthening?
18. Sara had #11 mid ( mesioincisodistal) filling done today ……Which Blacks Classification is this?
19. Class Vi decay is caused by abrasion wear on the incisal edge of anteriors and the cusp tips of posterior teeth. True or false?
20. Jim is 60 yrs of age and has several missing teeth and this is affecting his eating habits self-esteem and speech. Unfortunately the client cannot afford to have implants so a complete denture is recommended. Jim has exotosis and it has to be removed. What is this procedure called? Osteoplasty, ostectomy gingioplasty, or gingivectomy?
21. Sara is 5yrs old and has a infection #55. Which procedure would the dentist perform? Pulpotomy or pulpectomy?
22. When the necrotic pulp does not respond to cold or heat..This is called a Thermal Sensitivity test. True or false?
23. Sara is 20 yrs old and has developed a 4mm recession facially #13. The tissue in the area is very thin and the dentist is recommending a procedure. to replace the missing tissue. The tissue will be taken from the palatal area. What is the name of this surgery? Osteoplasty, ostectomy gingioplasty, or gingivectomy?
24. What type of cement is used for pulp capping?
25. On the odontogram the dentist circled around the gingivae margin in red to show a cavity. Which Blacks Classification is he identifying?
26. Which luting Cement has a Fluoride releasing mechanism?
27. Teeth do have mobility so the tooth moves slightly 1mm buccal and lingual is recorded as ______& moves more then 1mm buccal and lingually with moderate mobility is __________.
28. What preventive measure is used at recall appointments and the primary treatment for gingivitis?
29. Paul is 22 yrs of age and had to have #36 extracted dut to a fracture and infection. Sine he is very young the dentist is recommending a implant, but he is missing a gross amount of bone. The Dentist would like to do bone grafting….What is this procedure called? Osteoplasty, ostectomy gingioplasty, or gingivectomy?
30. What is the name of the specialist that deals with the removal of the dental pulp?
31. If decay has progressed from the enamel and into the dentin, a patient may have greater sensitivity and discomfort even after the placement of a permanent restoration………Is this statement true or false.
32. Access preparation of teeth for RCT, the dentist will drill through theo occlusal surface of posterior teeth and lingual of anterior teeth. True or false?
33. #42 has mesial decay….Which Blacks Calssification is this?
34. A core build up is required when a large amount of tooth structure is missing. The core build up can be done as a direct and indirect restoration. true or false?
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