1). What is one example of a digital platform you have used…

1). What is one example of a digital platform you have used recently for a business or organisational interaction? What worked for the platform? What could be improved?
i.e. Contacting customer support on Amazon via their help chat.

2). Topic 4: Effective Communication Skills:
Business Documents and Writing

An email that addresses an entire team on behalf of your manager Susan. You need to let them know a meeting coming up on Friday, and that each member is expected to contribute a new idea to improve the team’s communication on Zoom. Remind everyone that you will send the agenda and minutes by Thursday, and if any questions to contact Susan directly. Consider the elements needed for professional correspondence. This email can be as long as needed, but professional language and courtesy is required.

3). Topic 5: Effective Communication
Skills: Presentations and Visuals

As a listener, what would be some key essentials you need to stay engaged? List three items

4). Topic 6: Communication across the
Choose one of the interpersonal communication styles mentioned in the text and give an example of the style you may have seen in a work context or within an organization

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