1) When and where was the United Nations founded? What was still…

1) When and where was the United Nations founded? What was still going on in the world? The three main goals of the United Nations are….
2) The UN Charter: What is it? Is a member nation obliged to respect it? Can it be amended? How?
3) The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: What is it? What happens if you don’t respect it?
4) The Security Council: How many countries are sitting around the table with the right to vote? How many are permanent and how many are elected? Who are the countries with the veto power, and what is it? How many countries are elected each year, for how long and by whom? Do you think the Security Council works well the way it is or should it be reformed?
5) The General Assembly: Describe the composition and functions. Should it have more or less power?
6) The Secretary General of the United Nations: What’s the main role? How does the Secretary General get elected? What do you think about how the new Secretary General Antonio Guterres is doing so far?
7) A past Secretary General of the United Nations did not finish his mandate because he died during a mission in Africa. Who was he? How did he die? What is it his legacy?
8) UN blue helmets, also called the peacekeepers: What do they do? Who can approve their mission? What kind of scandal has tarnished them lately? What kind of reform on their mission has been proposed?
9) UN sustainable development goals: How many are there? When should be they reached ?
Can you mention one and give your opinion on the possibility to be successfully reached ?
10) Of all the other SDGs that you did not research for your paper, which one interested you the most and why?

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