Dangers and Risks Synopsis paragraph

See files uploaded and example assignment.


Introduction – 10 pts.

Synopsis paragraph is clear, concise, understandable; covers: presenting problem, substance history, all substances used, side effects, and most important issues.

Use these exact words:
Dangers and Risks – 5 pts.

Potential dangers/risks for the client clearly shown. Risk management steps shown. Correct stage of change given.

Use these exact highlighted words,
don’t forget to cite the stage of change.
AUDIT Items 15 pts.

All pertinent AUDIT items shown. Correct total score shown. Explanation of how points distributed, and total score arrived at shown.
Referrals -15 pts.

Possible referrals – minimum of three “bullet-points” (5 points apiece).

Be sure to use bullet points here!
Questions – 5 pts.

Minimum of two questions would have asked client shown. Questions are well-done and pertinent to the client’s life and narrative.

State the questions in the same format as the actual questions you would ask Marci.
Addictions Genogram -20 pts.

3 levels of a basic genogram completely shown. Genogram relationships completely shown. All substance usage by family members shown.

Please copy and paste into your paper – don’t submit a separate document!
Organization – 10 pts.

All required elements are included and presented with strong headings and organizational clarity. There are clear transitions between paragraphs and sections. The treatment of the topic is logically oriented. The paper meets the page length requirement.
Style – 10 pts.

The paper properly uses current APA style. Proper headings, in-text citations, and references are formatted correctly. The paper reflects a graduate level voice and vocabulary. There are very few spelling and grammar errors.
Sources – 10 pts.

The Reference page meets or exceeds the three sources. All sources are referenced throughout the paper.
*** Many students lose points because they don’t list the “questions for client” in the format of the actual questions you would use.

*** Please make genogram part of your paper, not a separate document.

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