Explain the relationship between health and the environment

You are asked to write an analytical essay to explain the relationship between health and the environment. While BALS Chapter 2 exclusively covers this topic, other textbook chapters and supplementary materials on Canvas also include relevant information. First, based on the textbooks, explain why health and health inequalities (i.e., different health status and outcomes) must be discussed in relation to environmental problems. Second, using a few examples introduced in the course materials, describe the extent of health inequalities between social categories (e.g., different groups of people such as racial/ethnic or income groups) caused by environmental health hazards. For full credit, all statements must be adequately grounded in sociological approaches and empirical evidence, rather than personal beliefs (e.g., “I believe”) or false information.

You must directly quote relevant concepts and statements from the textbooks (4-5 times or more) to support your essay (e.g., “… a directly quoted statement…” (Gould and Lewis 2020:10-11). You must also use two or more supplementary materials available on Canvas. All direct quotations must have double quotation marks with the author’s last name(s), year of publication, and page number(s) as shown above. Do not quote more than two sentences at a time.

If you want to cite contents on the lecture slides, cite textbooks or supplementary materials on Canvas that match the lecture slides. Do not cite lecture slides and outside sources. However, if the empirical data in the course materials are not adequate for your purpose, you may use outside data.

For References (or Works Cited), you may use any academic style (e.g., APA). For examples, see “Quick Tips for ASA Style.”

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