Find a current event in healthcare (see the syllabus for definition of a current event).
Produce a 1-page paper, double spaced, 1-inch margins on all sides, Times New Roman font. Zero points earned if you do not meet the 1-page requirement and significant points will be deducted for format errors. This is not a tough assignment so there is absolutely no excuse to cut it short or to ignore formatting requirements. You may go over the 1-page requirement, but you cannot go under the 1-page requirement.
NOTE: Choose your current event carefully as it should be able to address all of the areas you will be evaluating.

EACH student will independently evaluate (through the 1-page paper discussed above) the current event they found in terms of the following:
Is it unbiased and does it represent all sides of the debate?
How does it impact your future role as a healthcare administrator?
What are the challenges you foresee, as a healthcare administrator, with the issue you found?

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