HLA gene polymorphisms and Celiac Disease

I require answers to the following questions based on current research.

Please include at least 4 scientific references in answering the questions and include the in-text citations in APA format. Please include a list of the references used in APA format.

1. Say that you have a client with HLA gene polymorphisms and Celiac Disease. However, they are not responding as well as you would have hoped to a strict gluten-free diet. What other diet and/or supplement protocols could you implement to help a client in this case?

2. Research and determine at least one gene SNP outside of the HLA family that may contribute to Celiac Disease.

3.Research another gene SNP in the HLA gene family. Find and summarize at least one study on this SNP for the class.

4. What diseases or conditions is that particular HLA SNP associated with? What did the study suggest for future clinical applications?

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