Business Ethics 13th on-line  Mgt. 3230                    NAME:_________________________________

Case 3 Simple, LLC (page 111)

Each question:  5 points.  Case value 20 points


General Instructions:  In drafting your answers, assume that I do not know anything about the case.  In other words, be thorough and complete in your answers.  Your answers are graded on the basis of their detail and depth in analysis of the case.  While I do not grade or pay much attention to the length of the submitted work, your answers should go well beyond what is immediately obvious.  As indicated below, please use a bullet/outline format for your answers to Q. 1., 2., and 3.

Collaborating with one or two other students is permissible so long as you disclose with whom you worked and each student will develop their final draft for submission.  In other words, several students cannot work together and then turn in the same, identical analysis.  Your submission must be your individual effort

Please use a bullet or outline format for Q.1, Q.2, Q.3

Please remember that naming the “minimum” equates to “C” level work.

I suggest you complete the case analysis in several “sittings”.  What appears to consistently earn an “A” is to read the case and develop a first draft, then after a day or so, review the first draft and you will think of additional information to include, and in your final draft you will be able to have a more comprehensive analysis.  Students’ feedback to me who have consistently earned the highest grades followed this approach and spent 1.5 to 2.0 hours including the time to type their submission.

Please submit your answers on BB through the Simple, LLC. submission link under the Chapter Cases tab.

Everyone must sign and submit the acknowledgement at the bottom indicating whether they worked on a solo basis or collaborated with one or two others.

  1. Identify a minimum of four (4) stakeholders and the stake that each has in the situation. REMBEMER that “minimum” equates to “C” level work.  For a higher grade, more than four must be identified.
  2. Identify a minimum of five (5) ethical and/or legal issues that are surfaced in the case narrative and name the individual responsible and/or impacted.
  3. Name a minimum of two (2) questionable ethical (unethical) and perhaps illegal behaviors each for Julius, Samantha, and Bobby.
  4. Your task is to assign responsibility (blame) for where the individual and collective behaviors have brought the trio. Identify who you hold most responsible? What should the appropriate disciplinary action be? Part 2. What are two positive and two potential negative consequences of your decision? (You only need to include two.) Part 3. Name three actions that Simple LLC could or should have done that might have prevented this situation from escalateing? (You only need to name three.)
  1. Grading rubric:

Answering with the “Minimum” equates to a “C”.  To earn an “A” for an answer requires providing an additional three or more acceptable answers/examples/alternatives beyond the minimum required in the question.

5= excellent work.  Complete and thorough analysis.  Comprehensive and in-depth discussion of                                 all aspects of question.

4=Adequate analysis but incomplete discussion of some important points and/or issues.

3=Nominal effort and superficial discussion of pertinent points/issues related to question.

2=Answer submitted is substantially absent of discussion on issues related to question.

        1=Did not answer question, but submitted assignment.

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