Professional Nursing, BSN Learning Outcomes
Curriculum Plan:
The learning outcomes of the curriculum incorporate the professional values of client-centered care (altruism, human dignity, and autonomy), lifelong learning (clinical reasoning and integrity), and quality improvement (research and social justice). These professional values are vertical threads which are emphasized during the course offerings that address each of the curriculum core concepts.
Student Learning Outcomes:
1. Evaluate comprehensive individual and/or population centered care through an altruistic concern for the welfare of others while supporting autonomy and respecting human dignity.
2. Integrate professional values based on integrity, accountability and responsibility by engaging in clinical reasoning skills and lifelong learning.
3. Implement safe, quality patient care by adhering to moral, ethical, legal, and professional standards through the use of evidence-based practice.
4. Appraise patient health by meeting basic care needs within the appropriate cultural context, across the lifespan and in all healthcare settings.
5. Manage environments that support public and global health while integrating the knowledge of sciences, healthcare systems, policies and trends.
6. Appraise health maintenance of patients through transdisciplinary management of risk reduction, disease prevention and illness management.
7. Demonstrate the competencies of a generalist nurse through role development, teamwork, collaboration, and leadership using the knowledge, skills and attitudes of professional nursing practice. (nursing process, communication, documentation, technical skills and information and patient care technologies). This assignment is about Program Outcomes. I have attached the Examples as well as the Program Outcomes pdf that need to be addressed. I also attached my last assignment that was Course Reflections. It names each class as well as how I addressed each one of them so that the Program Outcomes could correspond.

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