Realization Management Research Question

Research Question
This study will focus on the importance of Benefits Realization Management and its challenges in the Government and Private corporate in UAE, as well as focus on the processes that directly impact achieving the desired benefit from information technology projects. What Information Technology (IT) Governance can do to help improve these processes and develop solutions to problems related to roles and responsibilities, also How IT Governance measures and monitor their performance and continuously improve to ensure business continuity. According to Ward & Daniel in figure 1 the Benefits Realization process works with other business processes such as projects management process, change management process, risk management process and, return on investment process and, portfolio process. The paper will investigate three processes Change management process, and how this process can impact positively or negatively the benefits realization, secondly will investigate the Project management process and, its role in delivering projects. Third, the paper will investigate the IT governance practices that can make these processes integrate by ensuring their effectiveness and, their impact to improve benefits realization.

Research Aim and Objective
This study aims to consider the possibility of IT governance to link all points together to achieve the optimal return of benefits from IT projects and initiatives, and the need to link core processes to each other with clearly defined roles and responsibilities in organizations to ensure that conflicts between management are the minimal. It also aims to show the importance of governance in the project management process and change management in the organization to be able to obtain better results in Benefits Realization Management.

The rationale for the research
Organizations are struggling to get the most from IT Initiatives, and even a proper Benefits Realization Management Process (BRMS) in place will be not enough to get the value of these projects. This is due to many reasons that this paper will focus on 3 areas:
First, BRMS is different from one organization to another in how they evaluate initiatives and decide whether invest or not. This usually happens by using techniques and tools such as business cases, return on investment, and, cost benefits tools. Nevertheless, still, these techniques are usually not based on accurate data and are focused only to convince the management to approve the initiative which can cause value leakage.
The second area will be focusing on Project Governance and change management and why it’s important to focus on value delivery rather than project delivery. Most of the project management tools and frameworks focus on the project delivery perspective but not benefit or value delivery which is highly important for the stakeholders to see where the investment is adding more value to the organization. Moreover, change management is usually the unseen side of the business that can ensure benefits are realized, the project is delivered as expected and, stakeholders are aware and aligned with IT.
The third area will be focused on how IT Governance can solve BRMS and other processes challenges to achieve stakeholders’ goals, and also apply an integrated governance framework that works with other standards and operating models within the organization. Moreover, separating governance from management when it comes to BRM, project management, and change management.

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Research Problem
The focus of both private and public sectors towards benefits realization management (BRM) has become significantly important to ensure value delivery to stakeholders and customers. The failure to realize the advantages of individual IT expenditures has far-reaching effects that go beyond the value of those investments individually. Without a clear picture of the value IT can provide to the company, organizations struggle to make good financial decisions and allocate resources effectively. As a result, a company’s capacity to determine how IT may be leveraged to boost performance or facilitate new strategic advances is troubled. Businesses frequently fail to appropriately account for possibilities presented by emerging IT-based solutions or challenges posed by the deployment of IT by competitors. The money that many companies wasted away in 2000 and 2001 on poorly conceived ‘ventures’ in e-business could be attributed, at least in part, to the fact that business managers were unaware of the potential benefits that IT could provide and the necessary shifts in approach that would be required to realize those gains (Ward & Daniel, 2006). BRM process alone cannot guarantee the business value to be delivered and benefits to be maintained. The importance of other business’s processes is vital to have an integrated system of processes and procedures that work in harmony to become an added value to the organization. Ward, John and Daniel, Elizabeth in their book outline other processes that work with benefits realization management to achieve better results

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The hypothesis that the paper is aiming to measure is that implementation of change management that integrates with benefits realization management by applying effective governance practices will result in improved outcomes, including increased alignment of project deliverables with business goals, clear accountability, transparency, and ability to measure and track the benefits promised. On the other hand, not having effective governance practices and an
the integrated framework that makes change management, project management, and BRM works together will lead to value leakage and benefits not being realized from IT initiatives.

My research is about change management, project management importance in achieving benefits relization
And how it governance can ensure this

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