Nursing practice, health, or organizational outcomes.

Consider various problems that impact nursing practice, health, or organizational outcomes. You are welcome to consider a specific issue that is interesting to you professionally or an issue that impacts your future MSN role.

Once you have identified one practice issue, you will complete the PICOT Worksheet by addressing the items below. Using a minimum of two scholarly nursing sources, current within five years:

Identify and describe the selected practice issue. Explain why the issue is important to the profession of nursing and its impact on health-related outcomes.
Define each element of your PICOT statement in one or two sentences, being sure to address all of the following:
P – Population and problem – What is the nursing practice concern or problem, and whom does it affect?
I – Intervention – What evidence-based solution for the problem would you like to apply?
C – Comparison – What is another solution to the problem? (Note that this is typically the current practice, no intervention at all, or alternative solutions.)
O – Outcome – Very specifically, how will you know that the intervention worked? What will be the indicator of success, and how will that outcome be measured?
T – Timeframe – Target date for outcome achievement.
Construct your PICOT statement in the standard narrative format and define each letter separately.

My note to writer:
The issue I’d like to write about is: Nursing Turnover in both acute and non-acute setting in Maryland

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