4. Below in Appendix A is a highly simplified bill of materials for…

4. Below in Appendix A is a highly simplified bill of materials for a hypothetical robotic assembly, & each has been assigned an estimated lead time, BOM quantity for this pretend robot, and a unit cost (assume 1 ea per unit cost for simplicity purposes). Demand for this product (finished good) is as follows:
Jan Feb Mar
Jun July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
2 7 5
5 6 6 7 11 8 4
Please organize into a supply plan as you see fit (Excel is fine), and provide responses to the following:
What safety stock would you recommend for each component if total production time takes 7 business days, and taking into account parts cost? Hint: you’re free to propose your own reasonable monthly inventory budget for this example.
What would the business’s 2023 inventory cost be in this hypothetical example?
What would the business’s 2024 inventory cost be, broken-down by month?
Please compile a “supply plan of record” for a hypothetical business update in which your audience wants to see demand volumes, production volumes, and inventory (assume finished goods sales were 1 unit less than the demand forecast for each month from January- June, and 1 more unit than demand each month for July-Dec). This should be a graph that gives a visual for a senior leadership audience.
Appendix A:

Control system:
Microcontroller: ArduinoMega 2560 (3 months, $48.40/ea, BOM: 6) Motor drivers: L298N H-bridge (6 weeks, $15.83/ea, BOM: 6)
Power supply:
12V 10A switching power supply (1 week, $22.65/ea, BOM: 2)
Mechanical structure:
6061-T6 extrudedAlum., 500mm length(1 week raw material, 1 week machining time, $1,573/ea, BOM: 1) Complex 440C machined component (2 weeks raw material, 3 weeks machining time, $3,650/ea, BOM: 2) 360 degree rotary joints with bearings (15 days, $12.49/ea, BOM: 12)
M3x10mm socket head cap screws, black oxide finish(3 days, $8.60/ea,BOM: 36) Bolts: M4x20mm hex head bolts, black oxide finish (3 days, $7.21/ea, BOM 38)
Electric motors:
NEMA 17 stepper motors,1.8 degree step angle, 2.8A/phase (1 week, $291.84/ea, BOM: 6) Gearboxes: planetary gearboxes, 20:1 reduction ratio (1 week, $41.91/ea, BOM: 6)
quadrature encoders, 1024 CPR (2 weeks, $42.67/ea, BOM: 6)
Limit switches: micro-limit switches, SPST-NO(7 weeks, $36.47/ea, BOM: 2) load cell, 50kg capacity (4 weeks, $53.38/ea, BOM: 4)
Pneumatic cylinder:double-acting cylinder, 25mm bore, 50mm stroke (1 week, $92.00/ea, BOM: 2) Vacuum pump:
12V DC vacuum pump, 10L/min flow rate (1 week, $18.95/ea, BOM: 1) Wiring:
Electrical cables:22AWG stranded wire, various lengths(2 days, $2.89/ea,BOM: 15) Connectors:
JST connectors, crimp style (2 days, $0.89/ea, BOM: 36)

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