A. Assignment Select ONE of the following scenarios and draft a…

A. Assignment
Select ONE of the following scenarios and draft a message” of 250-400 words. Be sure to include an appropriate subject line, a greeting, and an opening. The body of your message should be two paragraphs, each 4-6 sentences, communicating the two pieces of news in your chosen scenario. You should end with an appropriate closing to your message”.
Announce a new hire to the organization. It is a new position at a leadership level called Director of Customer Engagement. The new hire is named Natalie Lopez and comes to the job from another company where she had a similar job for six years. You want to share this as good news and get workers to warmly welcome Natalie, but you know the outside candidate was chosen over two popular internal applicants and some people in the office are upset about this.
Announce the pay increase and benefits for the upcoming fiscal year. The pay increase is lower than usual due to company revenue being less than expected, while copays on health insurance are going up for unrelated reasons. To mitigate the bad news the company is giving all workers an additional three days of vacation and a small one-time bonus of 0.5% their annual salary that they’ll receive on their anniversary date in the next fiscal year. You know these combined benefits are substantially less than the difference in expected raise and insurance copays.
Announce that the entire company is going to relocate to a new location, 1010 Mill Road. The current location has had many complaints about cramped space, unreliable heat and air conditioning, and limited parking. The new location is further away, but has plenty of parking, new and reliable HVAC, and ample space. However, at the current location most staff have private offices, while at the new location all but the most senior staff will use an open, shared space with less privacy and personalization of work spaces. Key facts to communicate are the dates of the move (April 15-19), that professional movers will take care of everything, and that workers need to remove all personal belongings before April 14.

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