a. Describe the major challenges buildings cause directly or…

a. Describe the major challenges buildings cause directly or indirectly on the green environment.
b. Identify choices in your personal and work life that impact the green environment.
c. Prioritize your actions in terms of which ones matter most for the green environment.
Activity 1 – Green Architecture/Sustainable Design/LEED Construction Unit
1. Under Key Term/Vocab. is a list of Terms. Provide the definitions to each term in the second column.
Key Term/Vocab.
Carbon Footprint
What is LEED Building Design + Construction?
Building Design + Construction | Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (usgbc.org)
What does LEED level Certified mean?
What does LEED level Silver mean?
What does LEED level Gold mean?
What does LEED level Platinum mean?
What are the benefits of having LEED certification for buildings?
2. In the first column is a list of 8 key term/vocab. Research for websites describing each of the given terms below and add a graphic picture. The first is an example to follow.
Key Term/Vocab.
Website & Explanation
Structural Insulated Panels or SIP
SIP Panel buildings are 66% more energy efficient than standard frame construction, 2-1/2 times stronger than standard building materials, Cuts framing time by 2/3rds, Stronger and straighter
Rammed Earth Architecture
Earth Beam Architecture
Straw Bale Rammed Architecture
Earth Sheltered Architecture
Recycled Architecture
Rooftop Gardens in Architecture
Living Roof Architecture
3. Research and choose three (3) additional types of new and/or emerging sustainable or green technology. In the middle column add the website and explanation of the additional 3 you chose. Lastly, add a graphic in the 3rd column. The first is an example.
Website & Explanation
#1-Wireless Lighting Systems
The EnOcean Alliance develops and promotes self-powered wireless monitoring and control systems for sustainable buildings by formalizing the interoperable wireless standard. The wireless standard for sustainable buildings – No Wires. No Batteries. No Limits.

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