A Quick Guide to Writing a Perfect Essay

A Guide to Writing a Perfect Essay

What is a perfect Essay?

A perfect essay is an organized form of writing that emphasizes a particular topic and explores the writer’s personal opinions and argument ideas. Essays are of different types: argumentative essays, proposal essays, analytical essays, expository, descriptive, narrative essays, and textual analysis essays. However, some guidelines should guide the essay writer, regardless of which type of essay one is writing, towards achieving a perfect paper. To get a perfect essay click here

These guidelines are as follows;

Understand the question and analyze the topic on it

The first step to achieving a perfect essay is understanding and internalizing the topic that you are to write an essay. You should be able to know the concepts or the words to use in your essay. It is also important to understand the scope of the topic that your essay should tackle and make sure you concentrate on that. You should also understand how much you should expound on the topic or how much you should not. For example, you define, discuss, analyze or even compare where you are needed to do that. Understanding and analyzing the question will help you answer the question perfectly.

Make sure you have the right and perfect structure in your essay

An ideal essay entails a perfect design, an introduction, body, and conclusion.


A perfect essay should have a catchy and enticing beginning because this is what will determine if the reader will continue reading or not. This is called a hook sentence. You can read more about hook sentence here. In an introduction, the writer should explain a little bit about the topic to show that they understand the topic under study. This paragraph also entails a thesis statement of the subject. It shows the direction that the essay will take in terms of opinions and perceptions of the writer.


The body of an essay entails paragraphs containing the ideas and the points of the writer’s argument.  Each paragraph has an idea different from the previous one in the last paragraph. The writer should ensure a flow in the points and ideas, from the first to the second one, so that the reader cannot get confused and follow. Therefore, all the answers to the question are found in the body.


In conclusion, the writer summarizes all the themes and ideas discussed in the essay’s body. To have a perfect essay as a writer, you should ensure that the conclusion does not contain new ideas. You should also avoid repetition in the conclusion section, but you should still be creative. You should summarize the main points of the body, give the importance of your findings, or even offer suggestions about a different scope of the topic. Either way, you should ensure the conclusion portrays finality so that the reader is not left hanging or confused.

Involve evidence and quotations.

As an essay writer, you should ensure that your work contains evidence that will support your ideas and points in the essay. Involving evidence and useful quotations will help the reader gain confidence in your research and show that your work is reliable. Some evidence includes quotations, statistics, facts, and even other people’s work. These will show that you researched your topic, and the readers can perfectly use your essay.

Refine your essay

Refining an essay should be the last step after writing. One should proofread the essay and ensure that the grammar is perfect and that there are no misspelled words. The writer should ensure that the work is also well punctuated and that there is a correct use of vocabulary words. This ensures that the quality of the essay is higher and excellent.

The above guidelines are very important in essay writing, and their use leads to a perfect essay even if the writer is a beginner. However, there are still other factors that a writer could consider when wanting to be better. For example, reading many good essays and practicing how to write them is a strong tool for perfect essay writing. Though many people consider using the above guidelines only, going the extra mile is always good for a writer.

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