A “sales-pitch” to your chosen company’s Board of Directors…

A “sales-pitch” to your chosen company’s Board of Directors convincing them why they should invest in the country you have chosen to research. Just like the Elevator Pitch from Assignment 4, instead of making the case to invest in Canada, you are MAKING THE CASE TO INVEST IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. You are to conduct research and document reasons to invest in that country.
Criteria to Research & Present on:
* Overview of the Company (real one) you’ve chosen to expand to another country
* Overview of the products & services offered by the Company
* Overview of that country chosen that you are expanding to
* Economic, Political and Geographic Factors of that chosen country
* Types of Industries (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
* Reasons for wanting to expand the company to that country
* Competitive Advantages of that company
* Cultural differences or “look fors” when conducting business in that country
* Conduct a SWOT analysis for that company

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