A student observed a specimen from the root of a common plant….

A student observed a specimen from the root of a common plant. He used five different fields of view. He observed that there were 74 cells in interphase, 19 cells in prophase, 16 cells in metaphase, 12 cells in anaphase, and 15 cells in telophase. He also observed that the total time of the cell cycle was 36 hours
Assume that the fraction of cells found in each stage of the cycle is proportional to the
amount of time the cell spends in this stage. What fraction of time is spent in metaphase?
While studying a population of Hawfinch, a researcher notices that the change in population size for the Hawtinch after one year is negative. To explain this, the researcher makes a few statements.
Which of the rollowing statements about the above population s correct
a) The natality rate would be have higher than the mortality rate
b) the sum of deaths and emigration would have been greater than the sum of births and immigration
c) The rate of immigration would have been higher than the rate of emigration.
d) The sum of births and immigration would have been greater than the sum of deaths and
What is the event, during replication where individual chromosomes contain some genes of original material and some genes of paternal origin in humans?
a) non-disjunction
b) linkage
c) crossing over
d) mutation
In a specific plant, we know, yellow colour (r) is recessive to red colour (R) and short plants (t are recessive to tall plants T. Homozygous tall plants that produced red fruits were crossed with homozygous short plants that produced yellow fruit. What type of genotypes
will be produced in F1 generation?
a) RETt, RRIt, ErTT
b) RRTT, rrtt
d) RRtt, rrTT

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