Activity 7

management question and need support to help me learn.

Q1: Action Required:
Watch the video at the following link
Test your Knowledge (Question):
What is a budget?
What are the requirements for effective budgeting?
Q2 :Action Required:
Chapter 12 in BUSINESS COMMUNICATION: Developing Leaders for a Networked World, Peter Cardon, 4th Edition McGraw-Hill Education
Watch the short videos at the following links:
[Updated] Primary & Secondary Research – An Introduction – YouTube
Test your Knowledge (Question):
In chapter 12, you learn about surveys. Create a sample survey following the principles of creating an effective survey.
Q3 :Action Required:
Watch the short video in the following link and answer the questions that follows:
HR Management: Ethics and Fairness
Test your Knowledge (Question):
List different ways managers can communicate ethical standards to employees. Provide an evaluation to each method that managers can communicate ethical standards to employees.
Q4 : Action Required:
Read the following chapter of your Textbook.
Chapter 9: Linear Optimization
9.3 Test your Knowledge (Question):
What are the properties of Linear Functions?
Explain the Data Envelopment Analysis.
Requirements: AS ANSWER NEED

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