Adam Nikas, with Capitol Resources, LLC sat with me on


Adam Nikas, with Capitol Resources, LLC sat with me on Friday to talk about his work as a professional lobbyist and what he does to help businesses, including nonprofits, add advocacy to their work.  I thought his words might particularly resonate with you as you are preparing to work with nonprofits to help them start the process of developing advocacy plans for their organizations.

I’m asking you to take the time to watch this video (about 35 minutes in length) and share your thoughts about it in a Discussion Board that I’ve set up.  Just to be safe, I’m posting the instructions for this assignment here.  If the Discussion Board feature does not work again, I’ve activated the comment feature at the bottom of this page where you can post your thoughts on this video.  

Here are the instructions for this assignment:

I’d like you all to watch the video, then offer your thoughts about it.  The video is about 35-40 minutes in length.  It is posted under the MODULES tab (Module 2).  Please note that you’ll have to input the password in order to view the video.  

In this discussion board, I simply need you to address one or more of the following topics:

     1. Talk about why you think his work is important and relevant

     2. Did anything Adam talked about remind you of things you’ve read about thus far in the textbook?  If so, expound on that.

     3. What issues would you like to talk more about with Adam?  

This assignment is worth 30 points, 20 of which will come from participating in the discussion and five of which will come from posting your thoughts by the deadline of February 3rd.

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