Amy Tan, “MotherTongue” -The purposeoflanguageis…

Amy Tan, “MotherTongue”
-The purposeoflanguageis communication.
– BrokenEnglishand its limitationstothepersonandthesociety.
-Understandingthe role oflanguageandconqueringtheperceptionto use thisbrokenlanguagetoeffectivelycommunicate.
-Nottoconfusebrokenlanguagewithlimitedorbrokenideasespeciallyamong non-native speakers ofthelanguage in a country ofimmigrants.
-Tanchangesfromdisrespectinghermothertounderstandingthestrengthofhermother’stongueandhow it formedherandhowshecan sue it toaddressmillionwhohavethesamelimitation.
“Thirty-Eight Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the Police”
Again author Martin Gansberg is an authority on the subject. Look at the introduction in each of our essays, you will notice that it has several components including background on author and subject. You must always have the same kind of comprehensive background in your introductions. The key is to have enough information about your topic before you state your thesis to fully prepare your audience for your argument.
Thematic analysis:
Silence as indifference- Failure to vote as political apathy.
Silence as an expression of fear or as an expression of tiredness.
Speaking out is associated with social responsibility.
“Good people” speak out.
“The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society”
Illiteracy can be in a certain language. One can be conversant and highly literate in another language. Many Americans are first generation immigrants or the sons and daughters of first generation immigrants. Some American illiterates are also victims of poor education or of parents’ negligence.
Being unable to say the right word at the right time equate illiteracy with the silence and darkness of ignorance.
Literacy is equated with the power of words and its ability to understand, communicate and empower the one who has it.
The Power of Words in Wartime
By Lakoff
Robin Lakoff was married to George Lakoff, a big name in linguistics today.
The Key here is to understand that language can be used as a weapon too. Language has power and can be altered to release this power. Using the plural rather than the singular, military terms , etc dehumanizes the enemy and makes it possible to kill them.
Thematic connections: Silencing certain words and uttering others are choices people make to enable certain life changing actions.
The power of communication and its effects on others to the extent of mobilizing armies.
– Choose any angle of language that you have been exposed to through the readings like silence as punishment, silence as a deep form of expression, miscommunication, change of meaning, education and words, communication and success, etc. to write your essay about.
Refer to at least three of the essays evaluating the opinions and information they give to support your point of view.

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