André Øvredal’s The Tunnel (Tunnelen) , 2016. Respond to the…

André Øvredal’s The Tunnel (Tunnelen), 2016.
Respond to the following prompt in the form of a short essay. Structure your response to have an introduction, three body paragraphs that develop on your thesis, and a conclusion. Be sure to use academic English.
Introduce your essay by defining what you mean when you use the term “national cinema.” Your last sentence of your introduction must be your thesis, and it must address the question: discounting language, is The Tunnel a Scandinavian film? You must take a concrete position.
Your three body paragraphs should provide evidence to support your opinion. Outside sources are not necessary. The most simple way to approach this problem would be to think about 1) the way the film is shot, 2) the way the characters interact with one another, and 3) the film’s overall themes.
Conclude your response by restating whether you believe that this film is Scandinavian. Then consider whether the concept of a “national” cinema is still or was ever valid.

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