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Write a paper with at least 350 words (include a word count at the top of your page) reflecting your thinking about the concepts of the Cultural Anthropology as introduced in the readings and as discussed in class. Do you agree with these concepts? What did you think of the examples given in the texts? Did anything from the topic or class discussion surprise you?
If you use or copy any ideas that are not your own to help support your writing, be sure to summarize that person’s ideas or put their exact words in quotation marks and use an APA in-text citation. On a second sheet at the end of your reflection paper, called “References,” add an APA reference for your source. If you are unsure how this should look, see the Weekly Reflection Example Paper.
answer this two questions . one is in the text form and another is in document. answer them separately and include the references below the answer
Requirements: 400 words each answer
Journal Entry Requirements:
Your journal entry is not for reciting facts, it is a self-reflection on what you have learned and how you plan to use or have used the information. Use concepts from the leadership text as must as possible to guide your journal writing. Keep entries to a minimum of 200 words unless otherwise instructed. You may add an interesting leadership quote or leadership cartoon. Reference the text for leadership concepts cited.  You are required to complete a journal entry each week.  The journal entry is for you and me.  You do NOT respond to any peers. Grades will be given based on content and word count. Feel free to use this word document to submit your answer or create a new document.
Journal Entry 3
How do you build relationships? How important is it to build relationships with your peers and supervisors?

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