Answers: In total eleven of the Slaveholding States of South United States of America seceded


In total eleven of the Slaveholding States of South United States of America seceded from the Union during the time 1860-61. The effects of secession contributed to the precipitation of the Civil War. On April 12th 1861 Confederates opened fire on the harbour of Charleston, South Carolina. This marked the beginning of the Civil War. At this point the states of the upper southern area were forced to choose between confederacy and union. 4 states including North Carolina voted in favour of secession. At the decision of South Carolina to secede, James Louis Petigru made a remarkable comment. In the comment, he expressed that South Carolina is too small in size to become a separate republic. Petigru throughout his life had shown an undaunted level of commitment to justice and the prevalence of law (Caldwell). He is famously known for his comment on South Carolina. He not only was a devoted citizen but also contributed a great deal to the upliftment of the minorities. Petigru’s comment can be seen in the light of his support for the confederates. However, he persistently criticised the confederate government. Petigru opposed the confederacy very strongly, however, he believed that the state would not return to the Union (Tyler). The apparent paradox of the political situation can be cited as a firm reason for Petigru making such a remark on the decision to the secession of South Carolina from the Union. It is of utmost importance to note that Petigru was the only person standing against slavery in those days and his undaunting fight against confederacy is revered in the history of the United States of America.

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