Answers: Section 1: Question 3 Introduction The Great Depression was considered to create an economic

Section 1: Question 3

The Great Depression was considered to create an economic devastation in the US economy but through such, it caused an impact on the social as well as cultural and political spheres. During the first five years of Great Depression the banks had failed which shrunk the economy as a whole and this created a lot of economic contraction as the individuals lost their employments in the country.

The thesis statement elaborates on the social as well as cultural along with political impacts of the Great Depression in California. In conclusion, it summarizes the points that have been discussed in the segment.


The Californians who used to live during the 1920s as well as 1930s were supposed to have experienced the Great Depression. In the dizzying cycle of boom as well as bust, it was considered to be a spectacular prosperity which was followed by the economic collapse in the history. This was a time of great turmoil. The government during this time had to cut back on the New Deal as such was causing the economy to shrink and through the preparations of World War II a lot of things became haphazard. In addition to this, the Depression also caused an impact politically as it shook the confidence of the individuals in unfettered capitalism and the type of laissez-faire economics which were being advocated failed (pp, 298-299). The Depression also created land problems and such was the outcome of the war with Mexico. However, the Americans were supposed to take control of the region as which was known as Alta California (pp, 110-111). The Depression also ended the government spending on World War II as the change led to the belief that the military spending was doing good for the economy. Nevertheless, the government as well as the economists were considered to create jobs. The social impact of the Depression was considered to be through the Dust Bowl as it destroyed farming in the Midwest and this made the farmers hold out for too long. Such created price disruptions and the price of the agricultural products were considered to be dropped which made the farmers look for other work as they became homeless. The serious economic depression was supposed to create unemployment and the urban workers became more militant. However, a nascent labor movement among the carpenters in San Francisco started union activism which emerged in the urban areas (pp, 163-164).

The Great Depression was so severe and it lasted for a long time which made many individuals kill their American Dream as the it made them shift towards desiring material benefits. Thus, the cultural benefits caused bad trade relations with the others and the Californians stopped trusting the government as they could not save them from the crisis. The Californian Indians were not considered to be a completely homogenous population as they were bound together through a regional confederation and by a common language. Therefore, the settlements during the Depression were considered to be through the seasonal campsites as these were occupied for restricted periods. However, the Depression was considered to cause destruction to the Indian populace as the process to manage the Indians were considered to be surrounded by essentially hostile white society and this created a lot of cultural difficulties that impacted the Americans all over the country not just limiting California. The Indians in California were considered to maintain an equilibrium with the rest of the individuals as they were accustomed to supply emergency rations (pp, 28-34). Thus, the inherent productivity during the Great Depression created a distinct place for them as they tried to overcome the situation by helping others.


Therefore, in conclusion, it can be stated that, the Great Depression caused huge impacts to the Californians specifically Indian Californians as they were distinctive through their high-density population. This created a remarkable complexity between the northwestern and southern coastal regions as there were several traits that were identified through the distinct culture. However, it also affected the people politically, socially and economically as it was a time that tested the patience of each man and woman in the country and due to such, it was considered as a remarkable part of history.

Section 2: Question 2-

The course of racial and ethnic politics in California is considered to be a prevalent problem throughout the decades and this is not supposed to be dependent specifically upon the African-American communities but it is also dependent upon several other racial as well as ethnic groups. Therefore, it is hard to predict. However, the imponderable ethnic relations are considered to create a certain amount of ethnic and racial conditions which create policies that would affect the political behavior. Therefore, the current patterns are supposed to be politically charged as these are highly volatile as well as contingent for a lot of choices.

The thesis statement discusses and elaborates on the extent of racial politics being a significant factor for the present challenges that are facing Canada today. It also offers a historical understanding of the issues by understanding a deeper perspective through the challenges along with potential solutions. In conclusion, it summarizes the points that have been discussed in the segment.


California throughout the history can be considered as a geographic entity therefore, it has been an idea as well as a place of mind for the individuals. Therefore, for instance, in Hollywood, California has played a pivotal role in developing the film industry. The racial disparities have been prevalent as such led the critics ask the works of the finest piece of fictions about the disparities as the movies at times also encouraged such by depicting the problems. However, through some time, the state of California has been considered as a majority as well as a minority state where the racial group holds a numerical majority. In spite of such California’s democracy is not supposed to be accurately reflected through the demographic reality. It can be understood historically, for decades public attention has been given for political participation and such has focused on creating equality but it has not been depicted properly as voting rights have acted as central mechanisms in the democracy. Nevertheless, the political representations through the public policies have changed the perspectives in current times (pp, 227-229).

Thus, it can be stated that the individuals in California, in current times have concentrated on the bigger picture through effective political participation as these created a scope for better public policy and decision-making perspectives. The racial gaps in present times have been reduced to an extent through political participation as such created an aspect of diverse democracy. For instance, in current times, policymaking in Sacramento as well as in the city halls and country governments have been made accountable and it has been shaped racially as well as socioeconomically through a generational diverse range and these are making the individuals politically participate in California. In addition to this, the California Recall election created a side effect as it helped in confronting the remarkable mysteries in the political agenda as the second recall against the Governor of California forced the governor to qualify for ballot ( 2022). Most importantly, the voting rights have been made a primary mode of political participation as such is considered to be a part of the political activity and this made the racial disparities gap decrease to an extent as it became consequential


Therefore, to conclude, it can be stated that, the modern times have created a recall petition and made the political participants more accountable through a diverse range of policies which aimed at reducing the gap of racial disparities. The significant disparities in California through the historical context as well as the current times have been reduced to an extent which helps in considering a better future by not compressing the demographic characteristics but by creating a more accountable form of government as such is necessary for evolution and improvement in the society as such creates for a better government which adheres to the needs and requirements of the people irrespective of race.


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