Assessment type: Case Study Assignment – Individual Assessment…

Assessment type: Case Study Assignment – Individual Assessment
Purpose: This assessment is a report on System analysis and modelling. The report is designed to assess your practical understanding of system analysis and design within a system project. Having analysed the project case study, you are assumed to have a clear insight into the scope of the system analysis within a system development project. Students are required to analyse system requirements and draw diagrams such as Activity diagram, Use case, Domain model, System Sequence modeling diagram and user interfaces for the given case study. The assessment aims to develop your understanding of relevant skills and issues in various aspects of system analysis and design. This assessment contributes to the learning outcomes a, b, c and d.
Value: 20% Due Date: Week 11
Assessment topic: Analysing and Modelling System requirements
Submission requirements details: Submit in Moodle through Turnitin by Sunday of Week 11, 11.59pm. Task Details: Case Study
Case Study: SmallMart
Task details: SmallMart is a small business that sells different items example, groceries, general medicine, Kids’ school stuff, crafts, etc., to their customers through a physical store located at Chatswood. They are willing to expand this business online. For this, it is required to develop a web-based system that will cater for the need of online customers. In this process, planning includes establishing several warehouses in different locations of NSW state to provide quick and highly efficient delivery of orders booked by online customers. They also planned to maintain private transportation, staff for booking / allocating, and truck drivers to transport goods to customers from the warehouses.
This proposed system will help customers to book items online and provide convenience to address the needs of their customers, considering the lowest price and quick delivery. This system will enable customers to procure fresh groceries and other perishable items with same-day pickup or home delivery. This system will also assist customers in processing payment, order tracking and returning / cancelling the booked orders. The new system will also help inventory management and link suppliers for necessary replenishment. The system should generate sales, inventory reports to managers and invoices, and customer receipts as and when required. The system should be highly restricted to authorized users with privileges and confidentiality.
You are a system analyst hired by SmallMart to develop the Online ordering system that should be able to perform tasks according to the details provided in the above case study. However, you may make necessary assumptions with proper documentation, which should be supported by a valid justification that needs to be reflected in your report.
You can also assume any possible functions necessary to function in this business case.
You may also add other possible functions and make necessary assumptions.
All assumptions need to be documented.
The report must contain at least the following sections
Introduction: Introduce the important aspects of the case study. (2 marks)
Methodologies: Briefly describe the System development Life Cycle (SDLC) and discuss different
approaches to SDLC. You are then required to choose one model that you find suitable for the system
given in the case study and justify your choice. (2 marks)
Information gathering techniques: Choose a suitable information gathering technique to gather specific
requirements and design at least 4 questions that can be asked from relevant stakeholders to capture the system requirements. Also list all functional and non-functional requirements gathered from different stakeholders and discussed in the case study (2 marks)
Use Case Diagram: Provide the name and complete description of a use case for the proposed system and draw a use case diagram. (2 marks)
Activity Diagram: Provide an activity diagram for the use case identified above. (2 marks)
Sequence Diagram: Provide a sequence diagram related to the case study. (2 marks)
Domain Model Class Diagram: Provide the domain model class diagram for the proposed system. (2
User Interface: Provide a final user interface design using dialog and screen prototypes for any of the
use cases listed above. (2 marks)
Conclusion: Write a brief conclusion by clearly defining and describing the findings in your own words
related to the given case study (2 marks)
Structure and Formatting Guidelines (2 marks)
4. 5.
Insert a table of content next to the title page.
3. Insert the page number within the footer of every page in your report. Provide appropriate referencing (Harvard-Style) for all academic resources used Submit your file using the format: YourNameID_ICT103Exam.docx

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