Assignment Overview: For assignment, you will create a podcast…

Assignment Overview:
For assignment, you will create a podcast episode on a topic of your choice. You will make decisions about the topic, the scope, and the process of production. In addition to the episode itself, you will record an introductory audio segment, choose music, and create a logo and other visuals for the promotion of the podcast.
For your Podcast Episode, you should choose a topic that is compelling and of interest to a specific audience. Once you identify your topic, you will want to discuss your target audience. This will help you focus your research and the scope of your episode. Controversial topics are great for this assignment, but you want to be fair and balanced in both your research strategies and your treatment of the topic. Powerful podcasts include multiple perspectives on difficult issues. Of course, you don’t have to choose a controversial topic, but it should still be something that matters to your audience.
Your episode should be between 10-15 minutes, and it should not exceed 30 minutes. You will begin with the audio introduction for the episode that identifies the following:
· Title of the episode
· Primary subject
· Credits to those involved, if applicable
After this, you will deliver the primary content of the episode itself. This will be followed by a closing segment in which you thank anyone else who participated in the episode. You should also refer listeners to any extras associated with the episode, such as images, URLs, etc.
Reflective Notes:
In addition to turning in the episode, you should submit a set of reflective notes. In these reflective notes, you should describe to me your process for creating this episode. Here are some questions to guide you:
· Why did you include the content you did?
· Why did you think it would be of interest to your target audience?
· Did you end up excluding things you discussed/researched? Why? (Don’t just say because you ran out of time. You obviously prioritized something else to bump this stuff, so why did you do so?)
· What course concepts/terms guided you in the process of creating the episode?
You don’t necessarily need to answer all these questions, and you can write about things not covered in these questions. They are intended to help get you thinking about the rhetorical choices you made when putting this episode together.

Information: This is for podcast, i chose the topic of ” Social media addiction”

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