Assignment: Part A Randomly Select eight (8) of the following ad agencies to look at

Assignment:Part ARandomly Select eight (8) of the following ad agencies to look at using the hyperlinks below. Tell me which ones you chose and don’t just pick first 8, please. How would you describe the 8 you chose, ie. creative, full service, boutique etc using the definitions in book or slides. If you only tell me which you picked and not how they match the book definitions you wont get credit. Choose which one you think is: 1) the most creative agency or best at making a company stand out from the crowd, and 2) the most complete agency as far as being a one stop shop for everything (Full Service), and 3) the best for digital or social media marketing (interactive). Explain why you selected the agencies that you chose and explain what about them makes them meet the above criteria. If you don’t explain you won’t get credit. Part BYour textbook describes many of the common positions/titles commonly used in advertising agencies. While many of these positions still exist, some new positions have also emerged especially with the increasing importance of the Internet in marketing. Look over the various types of agencies in your textbook and think about which one you might want to pursue for your career. Find an entry level position that most reflects your future career goals in the links below (another words, click around the links below to find where they are posting for jobs and find one that would work for you). Try to find one at your dream agency but if not, find one at a different agency. Copy and paste the position information into your homework assignment.Each link below is hyperlinked. They should all work. Press the control button (ctrl) and wave your mouse cursor over the link to open to site. Or right click, edit hyperlink, copy and paste link into browser. Have Fun !!Ad Agency SitesR&R PartnersMccan EricsonBBDOJ Walter ThompsonOmnicom Group Young & RubicamDDBOlgivy and MatherSaatchi & SaatchiLeo BurnettCampbell-EwaldWieden & KennedyDeutschInterpublic Group of CompaniesWPP GroupPublicis Richards Group Dentsu HavasGrey Global GroupEuro RSCG22 Squared TMP Worldwide Goodby SilversteinDigitas Daiko Advertising Tokyu Agency Maxxcom Cheil Communications George P. Johnson Co.

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