Bessemer Process used by Andrew Carnegie’s

(1) Compare/contrast the Bessemer Process Andrew Carnegie’s used as a solution/opportunity to the AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution/opportunity in the text 5 to 10 years? Think of the recent Microsoft announcement — what does it mean or not mean for the way we use use software or computers now? What is driving these changes?
(2) If Andrew Carnegie was alive today would he be more like Steven Jobs or would Steven Jobs have been more like Andrew Carnegie? Or would they be the same and why?
(3) Do you think the Maker space is a form of Artificial Intelligence? Why or why not?
Essay Requires:
+Write a one-page essay, so make it a tight essay. Don’t make statements that you cannot back up. This is not a SciFi assignment.
+Answer each of the questions in at least one paragraph each. Each paragraph must be more than three sentences.
+Include a strong thesis statement.
+Do not restate the question at the top of the page.
+Include in-text citations.
+Include a Works Cited page.
Watch “How Steel Forged a US Empire | The Men Who Built America (S1, E3) | Full Episode” on YouTube:

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