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A virtual tour of a National Park Historical Site
While it would be much better to visit historic sites in person, the reality is that we don’t have unlimited time and budgets for such a projectJ, so we shall use the web resources provided by the National Park Service instead. Your job is to visit the below NPS site of your choice from the list below and take a look at the different links/buttons for that site, particularly the historical information, virtual tour, park programs, and visual aids, if any. After spending a bit of time looking, think about the following overall questions and craft a short essay response (1 page) that addresses these questions:
How does the National Park Service handle describing the complicated history of the park you chose? Do they take particular stances (do they seem to favor one viewpoint/group/person or another)? If so, why? If not, why not?
What kinds of resources does the NPS provide for the park you chose? How do they convey the history/feel of the site in question?
Finally, do you feel that you learned anything from these brief online resources? Can this type of resource substitute for actually going to/experiencing these sites in some ways? What could be done to enhance your virtual experience on this historic site
Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail:
Requirements: 1 page | .doc file

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