Cali Pizza express accident

The hypothetical work-related accident is labeled (Burke, Jason_Mod 3.3 _Cali Pizza express accident)

you will submit a short paper that takes your hypothetical work-related accident a bit further. You are now the accident investigator, so approach the accident from that point-of-view.

Be sure to include the following items in this order using these headings:

Analytical Method:

Apply the analytical method you believe is appropriate for investigating this accident: events and causal factors analysis, change analysis, barrier analysis, tree analysis, MORT, cause and effect analysis, Fishbone, 5 Whys.

Do not just explain WHY it is the most appropriate (although you do need to do that!) but actually complete your analysis and display it. If you are doing a barrier analysis, for example, please refer to Chapter 9, Barrier Analysis, of your textbook and identify Barrier/Purpose/Performance; discuss engineered or administrative barriers. Refer to your text for examples for each type of data analysis technique.

Causal Factors:

From your data analysis, you will determine your causal factors. What are they? How are they supported by your EVIDENCE? Please describe by going through your 4P’s of evidence explaining how your evidence supports the identification of these causal factors.

Corrective Actions:

For each causal factor, you derive one (or more) corrective action—identify at least one corrective action per causal factor.

For each of your corrective actions, how will you verify that these corrective actions are implemented? Do they achieve your hazard control priorities? How will you make sure they do?

TEXT BOOK: (the chapter of the text book to use- will be in the UPLOADS)

Title: Accident Investigation Techniques
ISBN: 978-1885581624
Authors: Jeffrey S. Oakley, Ph.D., CSP
Publisher: The American Society of Safety Engineers
Publication Date: 2012
Edition: 2nd
Format: Textbook

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