Can you show me how to create the timing diagram? or start this project?

software engineering project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Dr. HeinrichsSER 232Computer Systems Fundamentals I
Topics2•Circuit Delay•Timing Diagram Example
Circuit Delay•Delay of the entire circuit from input to output•May vary for same circuit depending on route (which input to which output)•Independent of actual input/output values and/or changes•Longest path: Path from any input to any output with mostgates in between•Shortest path: Path from any input to any output with leastgates in between•Shortest/longest circuit delay?•Shortest: D to Q2: 2 gate delays (D, S, Q2)•Longest: D to Y: 4 gate delays (D, R, E, Q, Y)3
Timing Diagram•Create a timing diagram for the change P=0,D=1to P=1,D=1in the following circuit (include all inputs, intermediate values and outputs)4

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