Capella PSYC4310 Week 3 Quiz Latest 2023 January

PSYC4310 Biological Psychology

Week 3 Quiz
Question 1
The nature-versus-nurture question deals with the relative influences of ______ and environment on shaping behavior.
a. electricity
b. brain
c. heredity
d. mind
Question 2
A drug that mimics or amplifies the effect of a neurotransmitter is called a(n) ______.
a. agonist
b. antagonist
c. ligand
d. receptor binder
Question 3
Why is observation a better way to obtain accurate knowledge about the world than intuition?
a. Observation is more objective than intuition.
b. Observation is faster than intuition.
c. Observation is easier than intuition.
d. Observation is more biased than intuition.
Question 4
______ are released from axon terminals and are detected by protein receptors on an adjacent neuron.
b. Neurotoxins
c. Pheromones
d. Neurotransmitters
Question 5
A typical lissencephalic individual would have major behavioral deficits, but the opening vignette of Karen illustrates that ______.
a. brain and mind are distinct and separate
b. effects of apparently identical brain impairment can vary greatly
c. her diagnosis is incorrect
d. behavior can be predicted if we can “look inside” the brain
Question 6
A nucleus is a ______.
a. bundle of dendrites anywhere in the nervous system
b. cluster of cell bodies in the central nervous system
c. bundle of axons in the peripheral nervous system
d. group of ganglia in the peripheral nervous system
Question 7
The delicate neural structures in the brain are protected by ______.
a. the ventricles
b. the corpus callosum
c. the three-layered meninges
d. myelin
Question 8
Cells that convey environmental information, carry out the functions underlying thought, emotion, and movements, and transmit commands out to the body’s organs and muscles are called _____
a. neurons
b. dendrites
c. phagocytes
d. glia
Question 9
Jonas suffered a stroke in Broca’s area. The result is most likely an inability to ______.
a. speak in a coherent manner
b. see a cup of coffee and pick it up
c. stand upright
d. perceive the movement of objects
Question 10
How do you format a Level 1 header in APA-style?
a. flush left, boldface italic, title case heading
b. flush left, boldface, title case heading
c. indented, boldface, title case heading ending with a period
d. centered, boldface, title case

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