Capella PSYC4310 Week 4 Quiz Latest 2023 January

PSYC4310 Biological Psychology
Week 4 Quiz
Question 1
All of the following are considered aspects of emotions EXCEPT ______.
a. facial expressions
b. feelings
c. effects in the parasympathetic but not sympathetic branch of the nervous system
d. changes in physiological activity of the brain
Question 2
What pain reliever might you expect to have some ability to dampen emotion?
a. aspirin
b. acetaminophen
c. ibuprofen
d. codeine
Question 3
Stimulation of the ______ in human subjects has produced reports of pleasure accompanied by sexual content.
a. hypothalamus
b. amygdala
c. septal area
d. cingulate gyrus
Question 4
Some individuals have a low-functioning version of the NPY gene that codes for the production of neuropeptide Y. What is special about these individuals’ behavior?
a. They show decreased brain activity in response to negative stimuli.
b. They show increased brain activity in response to negative stimuli.
c. They display increased amounts of emotional stress eating.
d. They are unremarkable when compared to the general population.
Question 5
Motivation means ______.
a. there is a consequence to the behavior
b. to set in motion
c. an alive, behaving organism
d. increases in behavior rates
Question 6
Which of the following is true of instincts?
a. They are mechanisms for maintaining balance in the body.
b. They are incentives to behave in a particular manner.
c. They are complex behaviors that are learned, or not automatic, and occur in all members of a species.
d. They are complex behaviors that are automatic and unlearned and occur in all members of a species.
Question 7
The five primary tastes include ______.
a. sour, salty, sweet, bitter, and metallic
b. sour, salty, sweet, bitter, and spicy
c. sour, salty, sweet, bitter, and umami
d. sour, savory, salty, sweet, and umami
Question 8
Most of digestion occurs in the ______.
a. mouth
b. stomach
c. liver
d. duodenum
Question 9
Ruby has struggled with anorexia for most of her life. One night she was out with friends and they all took meth. While her friends experienced euphoria in response to the drug, Ruby felt ______.
a. depressed
b. sedated
c. anxious
d. no effects
Question 10
In PSYCArticles or PSYCInfo, to find correlational research sources in the library ________.
a. type “correlational” into the search engine
b. read the abstract of each article to see if it sounds like a descriptive article
c. type “correlational” as a search world, and under select a field choose “AB Abstract”
d. use the limiters along the left-hand side

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