Case Questions (Montreaux Chocolate USA)
1. Discuss the key challenges and marketing issues Andrea Torres must address at this time. Why do you feel these issues and challenges are key to the success of the new product line?

2. Evaluate the achievability of the company objectives for Montreaux USA? Identify the most salient aspects of the chocolate confectionery industry, globally and domestically, that bear on a new product introduction. Provide support for your conclusions.

3. After analysis consumer attitudes, usage, motivations, and benefits of chocolate products to consumers, how viable are the recommended new product concepts? Should others be explored? Please explain.

4. Using the forecast model for the healthy dark chocolate product with fruit tested in the BASES II test in August 2012, what is your forecast of the demand for the chocolate product?
– The necessary data is contained in Exhibit 5.
– Conduct a sensitivity analysis by using the facts provided regarding consumer awareness,
ACV and repeat rates for mediocre, average and excellent products.
– There is an Excel supplement file on Canvas which will be helpful to use.

5. Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the new product development process to this point. What, if anything would you change? Develop a comparative assessment of the research
alternatives under consideration. Which one or which combination of research techniques would you recommend? Please explain.

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