Central Petroleum National Bank is one of the largest financial…

Central Petroleum National Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, area. With revenues of more than $200 million and investment holdings all over the world, the bank does business with many individuals and organizations in the region and other parts of Texas. The bank has 17 branch offices in addition to the home office in downtown Dallas.
As one of the 125 employees of Central Petroleum’s Western Branch Office, you provide customer service and establish new checking and savings accounts.On Tuesday, a new customer, Mr. Gomez, came in to open an account. He stated that he was moving his money, over $200,000, from an account at a competing bank because of poor service. As you spoke with Mr. Gomez, one of your established patrons, Mrs. Wyatt, came into the office. As she signed in, you looked over, smiled, nodded, and held up one finger to indicate that you would be with her momentarily. She smiled in return as she went to sit in the waiting area. As you were finishing the paperwork with Mr. Gomez, his teenage son came in and joined him. The son had been working at a summer job and had saved several hundred dollars. He also wished to establish a checking account. He placed his money on your desk and asked what he needed to do. He stated that he was on his lunch break and had only 20 more minutes to fill out the necessary forms. By then, you noticed that Mrs. Wyatt was looking at her watch and glancing frequently in your direction. Shortly thereafter, she left abruptly.When you arrived at work the next day, the branch vice president called you into her office to tell you that she had received a complaint letter from Mrs. Wyatt concerning your lack of customer service and uncaring attitude.
1. What did you do right in this situation?
2. What could you have done differently?
3. Do you believe that Mrs. Wyatt was justified in her perception of the situation? Explain.
4. Could Mrs. Wyatt have misinterpreted your nonverbal messages? Explain.

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