Chapter One reflection

gender studies question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Reading Reactions/Response: You are responsible for reading assigned chapters and articles before Tuesday’s class. See schedule for weekly assignments. Students will be expected to complete a “reading reflection/response” at the beginning of each week, due the Tuesday before class begins, Typed, double spaced, 1-2 pages.) Less than a page will result in less points. Please submit all assignments on our canvas site. The “reading response” assignment is a technique for engaging in a dialogue with the instructor. The dialogue should be academic in nature but can also be personal as you related the information to your life. Do not tell me what the chapter presented; I know that! I have read the book. The “reading response” entry could respond to at least some of the following things: (please do not write 1), 2) 3) and answer that way. It is always OK to think outside of the box)
1) What are your responses and/or thoughts about the chapter reading for the week? What made sense? What did you agree with? What did you disagree with? Why?
2) What have you learned that might have lasting importance for you personally
and/or professionally? How did the reading relate to something in your life?
3) How and why is the topic important to the field of family violence, our country, or the world? Are there other things you have seen in life, or in the news/current events that directly relate to this? How?
Requirements: 600

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