Chem 100: Chemistry in Today’s World: Build An Atom GuidedInquiry

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Complete this document
Requirements: 2 pages
Build an Atom simulation ()
Explore the Build an Atom simulation
List two things you observed in the simulation.
What particle(s) are found in the center of the atom?

Play until you discover which particle(s) determine(s) the name of the element you build. What did you discover?
What is the name of the following atoms?
An atom with 3 protons and 4 neutrons: _____________
An atom with 2 protons and 4 neutrons: _____________
An atom with 4 protons and 4 neutrons: _____________
Play with the simulation to discover which particles affect the charge of an atom or ion.
Fill in the blanks below to show your results:
Neutral atoms have ________________________________protons and electrons.
Positive ions have ________________________________ protons than electrons.
Negative ions have _______________________________ protons than electrons.
Develop a relationship (in the form of a single sentence or equation) that can predict the charge based on the number and types of particle.
Play with the simulation to discover what affects the mass number of your atom or ion.
What is a rule for determining the mass number of an atom or ion?

Practice applying your understanding by playing 1st and 2nd levels on the game screen.

Using the Symbol readout box, figure out which particles affect each component of the atomic symbol.
In the atomic symbol below, label each letter (a, b, c, and d) with:
the particle(s) used to determine the letter, and
how the value of each letter is determined.
Create a definition (using a complete sentence) for each of these items based on your labels from the atomic symbol above.
Element Symbol
Atomic Number
Mass Number
Practice applying your understanding by playing the 3rd and 4th game levels. Play until you can get all the questions correct on the 4th level.
In addition to atomic symbol, we can represent atoms by name and mass number.
Complete the table below:

Each representation (Symbol and Name) in the table above provides information about the atom. Describe the similarities and differences between the Symbol and Name representations.

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