Choose a topic related to issues within the workplace that…

Choose a topic related to issues within the workplace that interests you. THE TOPIC I CHOSE IS WORKING REMOTELY disadvantages.
Sample topics might include a federal movement to mandate family leave for new parents or new attempts to automate processes in the workplace through robots or other artificial intelligence forms.
Research your topic thoroughly with multiple sources.
Three references are required, with two of those coming from academic, peer-reviewed journals or texts.
The sources should have a direct relationship and relevance to the topic.
When you feel like you have a grasp of the issues and positions on your topic, write an essay outlining the topic.
Focusing on the research and commentary contained within the sources.
Take a position on the topic, and support your position with explanations based on the research and your own experiences or expertise. Reflective of the argumentative essay genre, be sure to state the other side’s position on your essay, and then refute that side as part of your own argument.
The type of appeal you choose will be based on your perceptions of the audience and purpose of this paper.
Be sure to include a comprehensive introduction and conclusion for your paper.

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