Clean’s contract

Background Facts You Need to Know: At Winnie’s and Ralph’s request, it is your responsibility to research and provide answers to the Clean owners’ questions. As an example, Winnie, Ralph, the Clean owners, and you have determined that Clean’s contract with its cleaner- employees will include the following terms and conditions:
• specific duties to be performed by cleaner-employee
• salary for cleaner-employee
• work hours
• terms of payment for overtime or holiday work, if any
• sick leave
• vacation leave
• training requirements for cleaner-employee
• length of contract
• bonding for cleaner-employee
• periodic performance evaluation and how it will be conducted
• termination of the contract, i.e., a notice of termination, etc.
Report You Need to Prepare: To begin developing a contract between Clean and its cleaning clients, prepare a report that addresses the following (note that this is for a contract with Cleans clients and not Clean’s employees).
1. Identify five contract terms and conditions – other than price – that should be included in the Clean contract with its cleaning clients.
2. Analyze and briefly discuss why each term is essential to include in a Clean-client cleaning contract.
Tips for Formatting Report: The report should use the following format
TO: Winnie James, Ralph Anders
FROM: (your name)
RE: Terms of Contracts With Clients

Contract Terms and Conditions

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