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accounting writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

(al A Ltd. and B Ltd. require a bank loan for three years. Following information is given to you:
Current Ratio 26:1 2:1
Liguld Ratio 13:1 1:1
Debt Equity 1:1 13:1
Interest 15 10
Coverage Ratio times times
As a bank manager whom will you grant loan, if only one company is to be selected?
(b) Following information is available for the year 2014, calculate the Gross profit Ratio.
Cash Revenue from Operations 25,000
Cash Purchase 15,000
Credit Purchase 20,000
Carriage Inwards 2,000
Salaries 25,000
Changes in inventory 10,000
Return Inwards 2,000
Wages 5,000
Ratio of cash Revenue from Operations and Credit Revenue from Operations is 1:3.
Requirements: | .doc file

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