Controversial Traditional Practices

Controversial Traditional Practices

Your task is to find some issue that involves our relationship with the past and write an argument taking a stand on the issue. Begin with what you think and then support your decision. Who is right on the issue and why?

You may choose any topic, but here are some examples to give you an idea for the assignment. Please be specific.


– renaming of football teams
– Pro-Life/Pro-Choice
– renaming of products such as Jeep Cherokees
– tackle the issue of whether the state has the authority to interfere with the practice of traditions (“UN Panel Declares France’s ‘Burqa Ban’ Violates Muslim Women’s Rights.” Should the state have this kind of leeway?)
– sites and buildings slated for preservation or for demolition. You can focus on one of these, arguing that a site or structure should or should not be preserved, arguing what preservation means in such a situation, or arguing who should be responsible for funding such preservation.

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