create an academically justified Strategic Marketing plan to an organisation for next year

marketing project and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Choose an organisation from the Bottom 100 of the most recent Global Fortune Global 500 (; select one product/service/brand from this organisation; and create an academically justified Strategic Marketing plan for the next year.
Your Strategic Marketing Plan must contain the following sections:
1. Introduction (approximately 300 words): Including Organisation’s Vision, Organisation’s Mission and Strategic Objective(s) intended to be achieved through the Strategic Marketing Plan.
2. Marketing/Situational Analysis (approximately 2100 words). Including
a. Internal Analysis: This must include data about your chosen organisation from the organisation’s most recent annual report.
b. External Analysis: This must include an analysis of customer segments, competitors and the wider environment using current industry data. Current means within a year of the most recent annual report. Industry databases. For example, MarketLine
3. Marketing Strategies and Goals (approximately 700 words): Including identification, evaluation and selection of your strategy (or strategies) intended to appeal to your firm’s target customer segment (or segments). Please note Marketing Strategies are not the same as the Marketing Mix which is tactical.
4. Proposed Marketing Programmes/Conclusion (approximately 900 words): Including recommendations for an appropriate Marketing Mix and relevant control mechanisms intended to achieve the marketing goals. It is not necessary to provide a budget or specific implementation/action plan, but please ensure any recommendations could be reasonably achieved within one year.
5. Reference list
6. An Appendix: Including a brief description of the organisation. This should be no longer than two pages
Requirements: 3700 | .doc file

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