Create tables and write short description for the following

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Create a table and draw a graph.
Vulnerability and Risk Assessment AssignmentsVulnerability and Risk AssessmentAssignments Assig_1Evaluate appropriate risk-handling strategies for a given scenario.1. Create a table in Microsoft Word similar to the following for avoidance, transference,and mitigation risk-handling strategies.I researched risk avoidance, transference, and mitigation techniques.I completed the table with at least two descriptions of strategies or actions for riskavoidance, transference, and mitigation.Evaluating Risk Handling StrategiesLearning Objectives and OutcomesAssignment RequirementsThe X-Axis is a renowned private cancer hospital located in Las Vegas. The hospitalmaintains a critical database in-house that includes patient data for all patients.You are the IT security manager at X-Axis. The power from the city to the company’s datacenter has been unstable in recent months. The database was offline twice due to powerissues, once for 6 hours and once for 10 hours. You are evaluating the risk to the organizationof continued power issues and database availability.For this assignment:Risk Handling StrategyDescriptionAvoidance Transference Mitigation Fill in each empty cell with a description of at least two appropriate strategies or actions.Self-Assessment ChecklistCite and reference your work using APA style.Assig-2×

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