Create your own business code of ethics that relates to your future business career

Create your own business code of ethics that relates to your future business career. Place it in your paper as a “table” somewhere after your narrative begins (an area that makes sense in the paper). See your APA manual for how to format a table properly.

Thus, you will have a paper of approximately 4 pages in length (no abstract is needed for this paper) in APA format. I anticipate that you will need to use various types of documents in addition to referencing the article from the library databases above, i.e. Catholic historical documents from the Vatican that may assist in your reflection, Scripture, perhaps integration of material from your future professional association, journal articles, books, etc. For this paper, do not use HBR. Answer the following questions in your paper:

  • How will you have moral courage as a future business professional? (You will need to define moral courage from credible source- no blogs please, etc.)
  • How do you believe that you may integrate your faith into business as a future business professional?
  • Pick at least (3) concepts and explain them in detail as related to what you have learned a read in the course thus far (it is fine to use additional sources to support your points- trusted current events sources (as possible), trade journals, journals, etc.)
  • Write a solid introduction and a solid conclusion. In your conclusion explain your biggest takeaway from your reading and formation of the code for your future career and potential industry.

Here are a few resources that may be appropriate, if you need more, as the librarians for assistance:

Duska, R. (2013). Integrity and moral courage. Journal of Financial Service Professionals67(1), 20–22.

The library permalink is located here: to an external site.

Ganu, J. (2018). Moral courage: The essence of ethical leadership and followership. The Journal of Applied Christian Leadership, 12(2), 41-53.

The library permalink is located here:

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