Crime and the Underprivileged project

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You will create a PowerPoint presentation or write a 3–5-page paper addressing crime and underprivileged populations. You will need to post the selected PowerPoint/ Paper in the identified D2L assignment section by the assigned deadline to receive credit. You will answer the following questions in the project:
*What are some of the prevailing theories associated with crime and underprivileged communities?
*Illustrate some of the historical and current CJS efforts deployed to impact this complex relationship
*What insights did this research project give you, and how will you apply it to your career?
If you choose a PowerPoint presentation,
If you choose to write a paper, it will be a three – to five-page paper (excluding title and references pages) in APA 7th ed. formatting. The paper includes a cover page, abstract, in-text citations, and a reference page. Please use credible sources, consisting of government websites, book chapters, or preferably peer-reviewed articles, to strengthen your topic points.
Requirements: 400 words

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