Dear sir/Madam, Please kindly help me with the answer to the…

Dear sir/Madam, Please kindly help me with the answer to the question below. Thank you:
GUIDANCE ON LEGAL WRITING Criterion 2: Analysis of complex legal, factual, business and/or management issues, as appropriate
analyse the client’s concerns, perspective and needs; and
identify the relevant issues.
Criterion 3: Application of knowledge and understanding to the task
take account of the supervising solicitor’s and/or client’s perspective, as relevant;
address all issues raised;
do not cover issues which are irrelevant to your instructions;
where the purpose of the communication is to provide information, give the information accurately, clearly and succinctly; and
where the purpose of the communication is to provide advice:
explain the relevant law clearly and in a manner and to a degree that is appropriate to the subject matter and the particular client;
apply the law correctly to the facts;
advise the client as to his position and, if relevant, his possible courses of action.
Criterion 7: Ability to communicate using a clear and logical structure and language appropriate to the task
produce a piece of writing which is well-organised;
where appropriate, use headings, numbering and tabulations;
address the recipient correctly;
explain the purpose of the communication;
ensure that you deal with different topics in separate paragraphs;
conclude the communication correctly;
be concise and clear, using a professional style to suit the client’s/ supervising solicitor’s requirements;
do not produce work which contains mistakes in spelling, punctuation and/or grammar;
produce work which meets the needs of the client; and
do not breach any professional conduct obligations.
You are a trainee solicitor at ULaws LLP, Manor Estate, Cold Street, Surrey GU7 4PX. You have received the attached memorandum from your supervisor, Finlay Rodgers. Please prepare the letter outlined in Finlay’s memorandum.
Finlay Rodgers
20 October 2022
Client’s name:
Lawns and Landscaping Limited (“Lawns”)
Client’s matter
Company decisions.
I recently met up with Shivani Singh (“Shivani”), the managing director of Lawns. Lawns is a long-standing client and often instructs our team on matters relating to company procedure.
As you may have inferred from the client’s name, Lawns is a gardening and landscaping company. It originally operated as a partnership, however in 2017, due to the success and expansion of the business, we assisted Shivani and her partner Libby Varley (“Libby”) with incorporating the business into a private limited company.
I have attached the company information sheet for Lawns (see Document A). Please note that Lawns has Model Articles of Association for Private Companies Unamended.
During the pandemic the company did struggle a little, however now that restrictions have eased the company is once again going from strength to strength. When I met up with Shivani, she explained that because of this success, she and Libby wish to make a few changes to the company to make the day to day running of the company more manageable.
I have set out below the plans we discussed in the meeting:
Lawns wishes to appoint a new director, Rajesh Richmond (“Rajesh”), as the Projects Director. Rajesh has a lot of landscaping experience and both Shivani and Libby think he is going to be a great asset to the team.
Lawns will enter into a service contract with Rajesh for a fixed term length of 36 months.
Rajesh will be re-locating to Guildford to take up his role in the company. Libby and Shivani have agreed that Lawns will loan Rajesh £60,000 to facilitate this move. They have spoken with the accountant who has confirmed that Lawns can afford this, so we do not need to assess affordability.
Please note that Libby leaves the country in 6 days to go on holiday and they would like to have the changes listed at 1-3 above implemented before then. If any shareholder resolutions are necessary, they will therefore use the written resolution process. If possible, the client would like all changes to be dealt with at the same time.
What I would like you to do
Please could you draft a letter to Shivani, in my name, explaining:
The resolutions needed for the changes at 1-3 above, together with whether these resolutions are likely to pass and what internal administration / external filing is required in respect of them; and
Whether it will be possible to implement the changes at 1-3 above prior to Libby’s holiday or will the changes have to wait until her return.
I do not need to you to draft a full company procedure plan or any minutes for now.
Thank you

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