dentify the criminal justice agencies that may want to claim…

dentify the criminal justice agencies that may want to claim jurisdiction in the case study you chose.
Explain briefly why each agency would want to claim jurisdiction and what the benefit would be to each agency.
Explain briefly why an agency may NOT want to assume jurisdiction.
To what degree should ethical considerations, such as what is best for the victim, the community, or even the offender, factor into jurisdictional decisions?
Ana is a 14-year-old girl who lives in Colorado. She strikes up an internet friendship with an older man named Eric who lives in New Mexico. The two have many chat and direct message exchanges. They share photos of pets, hobbies, selfies, and other personal information. Ana reveals that her parents do not monitor her Internet usage, but after a time Eric convinces Ana to begin communicating via a private messenger service. Eric begins to escalate the relationship, delving into more private and adult subject matter. Eric announces that he will travel to Ana’s town and asks to meet her in person near her school. The two do meet a short time later. Eric convinces Ana to accompany him to his hotel room. In the hotel room, Eric has alcoholic beverages available, and he convinces Ana to try some. She reveals that she has never had alcohol. Ana spends the night, calling her parents and lying about here whereabouts—she claims to be at a friend’s house for a sleepover. The online friendship continues, with Ana referring to Eric as her boyfriend. A few weeks later, Eric sends her bus fare. She sneaks out and leaves home in the middle of the night. Investigating officers learn of her plans after her parents report her missing. They question friends—who mention a mysterious boyfriend named Eric. Ana’s parents, who do have access to her social media accounts but had not checked them for a while, allow officers to investigate the accounts. They are unable to access the private messenger, but they are able to gather enough information to track Eric to his home state.

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